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60 seconds ? 900ºF

Discover our World Class artisan Acunto Neapolitan wood oven

Basil & Barley is delighted to introduce you our world-class handmade Neapolitan oven, build brick-by-brick in Naples – Italy, and shipped to the United States.

The Acunto oven is designed from the ground up as a Neapolitan oven. Featuring a low dome, small oven mouth, and large heat sink, this oven bakes 10-12” pizzas in 60 seconds at 900ºF.

Since 1892 Gianni Acunto have been building wood-fired ovens, constructed by craftsmen, for the cooking of Neapolitan pizza. Three generations of wood-fired ovens for the pizza!

The ovens for pizza of Gianni Acunto are the most famous in Naples and indeed not only in Naples. In fact their wood-fired ovens are used in the best pizza restaurants in Italy and in all the world, from Japan to the USA, from the Middle East to Eastern Europe.

Every Acunto wood fired oven is still hand-built in their Naples workshop to ensure quality. The ovens are built with old-world durability, and there are indeed many examples of decades old Acunto ovens across Naples and Italy.

Acunto ovens are well known for their thick thermal insulation in the dome and beneath the baking surface. This ensures high heat retention and prevents cracking or popping of the floor; a common problem among other Neapolitan brick oven brands. Additionally, the oven has a heat soak layer of volcanic material from Mount Vesuvius directly beneath the floor, laying between the baking surface and final insulation layer. This special layer stores extra energy, providing additional heat during peak hours at the time when it is most needed.

The dome shape is based on a variant of the Pompeii oven design, which creates a swirling effect of intense top heat needed to create the signature blistered crust of a proper Neapolitan pizza.

See how the Acunto is made on the hit Discovery Channel show “How it’s Made”

As a demonstration of the quality of the craftsmanship and of the reliability of the company, Acunto’s wood-fired ovens have been recognized and appreciated by the International “Association True Neapolitan Pizza”.

U.S. based company Forza Forni, has been responsible for the state-of-art custom Venetian tile work, designed to our specifications. Using only a collection of imported Venetian ceramic tile, Forza Forni has transformed our Acunto oven into a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship.